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Lifting boats that's what we do! 
Durable and user-friendly products for private owner, governments and professionals.
We believe in standard high quality, sustainability and low environmental impact products.

Floating Boatlift

Floating boatlift, drijvende bootlift.

Floating Boatlift

 Floating boatlift 2.2ton

Floating boatlift 2.2ton

Industrial and robust design are the characteristics for this Floating Boatlift. The boatlift is made out of durable materials (Polyethylene PE100, hot dipped steel and stainless steel). Lift operation is achieved by air displacement in and out of the PE Floats. 

This Floating Boatlift can launch the boat without requiring electricity. In addition to the correct technical operation we also foresee in the need for a specific designed "bunk-set" that ensures in correct and safe lifting. This bunk-set respects the structural integrity of your boat. 

This boatlift has no moving parts, the lifespan of this systems is extremely long. 

The ALL BLUE Floating Boatlift systems are designed and build to lift ships with a mass of 2200 to max. 30.000kg.


All the ALL BLUE Floating Boatlifts are produced according the EuroCodes April 2012.



All boatlifts are supplied with a specification sheet and installation manual.