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Antony Duyklaan
Rotterdam, ZH, 3051

0031 614290289

Lifting boats that's what we do! 
Durable and user-friendly products for private owner, governments and professionals.
We believe in standard high quality, sustainability and low environmental impact products.

About Us

Who we are.

ALL BLUE B.V. is the distributor for the company Golden boatlifts in the USA.

We build boat lifting systems in Europe, Asia and Africa.  
Our point of view is a turnkey solution, starting from location and handling advice, technical determination, commercial details and commitment to an overall building responsibility.  These details are the base for a successful project and relation between the distributor, dealer and end customer.

We believe that boatlift systems with a long-lifespan (+30years) with very little maintenance will contribute to a greener and more sustainable world for our next generation.

All boat lifting materials are fully recyclable! Your boat doesn't need antifouling. Next to this you don't need to use environmentally damaging materials for cleaning and maintaining your boat. This clean hull results in less fuel consumption and overall better sailing condition! The depreciation of you boat will be much lower and you know it's always safe, also during heavy weather conditions.

We are looking forward to unburden you during your leisure time.